Emotional Dialogue Dataset


What is EmotionLines?

We introduce EmotionLines, the first dataset with emotions labeling on all utterances in each dialogue only based on their textual content. Dialogues in EmotionLines are collected from Friends TV scripts and private Facebook messenger dialogues. Then one of seven emotions, six Ekman’s basic emotions plus the neutral emotion, is labeled on each utterance by 5 Amazon MTurkers. A total of 29,245 utterances from 2,000 dialogues are labeled in EmotionLines.

Example Dialogue

Role Utterance Emotion
Rachel Oh okay, I’ll fix that to. What’s her e-mail address? Neutral
Ross Rachel! Anger
Rachel All right, I promise. I’ll fix this. I swear. I’ll-I’llI’ll-I’ll talk to her Non-neutral
Ross Okay! Anger
Rachel Okay! Neutral

Dialogue from Friends